I was so proud to recharter the Young Democrats of Catawba County, a county near and dear to me (as I'm a proud Bandys alum). We had a productive and successful year and there is so much more to come!

Some of my favorite highlights from 2021:

  • our charter had the most members ever;
  • we raised a record amount of money;
  • we hosted YDNC at our own Catawba Farms for the YDNScream Fundraiser;
  • we created to-go care kits for members of our community experiencing hardship as part of YDNC's Rural Caucus Day of Service;
  • we saw the Crawdads play baseball;
  • we got vaccinated;
  • we had a holiday party;
  • we supported local foster children;
  • we frequented local businesses like Catawba Farms;
  • we did an actual walk and talk on a farm about environmental justice and there was a zonkey;
  • we went to Cincinnati (virtually);
  • we spoke out against racism;
  • we registered voters;
  • we supported Democrats in 2021; and
  • we geared up to help Democrats win in 2022.

Click for photos: 

Nicole Jacobs


Cat & Dog Mom, #feminist, advocate, community builder, @catawbayd President, @AppState Alum