Statue of Liberty Voting Rights

Whatever our color, background, or zip code, most of us believe that voters pick our leaders -- our leaders do not get to pick their voters. When it comes to our elections, we want a transparent process we can trust, where Americans have equal freedom to vote. But today, a handful of extremist politicians want to put up barriers to silence many of our voices based on what we look like or where we live. It's time to enact national standards for voting to ensure all of us have a say in key decisions like pandemic relief, health care, and ensuring our economic well-being. Together, we can ensure every eligible American has the freedom to vote and that the results of our elections reflect the will of the people. 

Our right to vote may be under attack, but there is some good news: 

  1. If passed, HR1: The For the People Act will end gerrymandering, modernize voter registration, enhance voting access, empower everyday Americans through public financing of elections, increasing oversight to enforce existing laws, and much more! 
  2. You can help! Read on to learn how. 

Take Action Today! You can help protect the right to vote in our state. Here are some ways to help: 

  • Sign up to volunteer with us and help us reach our voter registration goals in Catawba County.
  • Find out who your state legislators are here. Contact them. If they support legislation that expands access to voting, thank them! If they are working to decrease access to the ballot box, ask them why. Make your voice heard. 
  • Register or confirm that you're registered to vote here today. Get your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same by sharing on social media! 
  • Share your story! Comment on this post or Tweet @catawbayd using the hashtags #DontMessWithMyVote and/or #DemsforthePeople and tell us: Have you ever shown up to vote only to be told you were in the wrong location? How long have you had to wait in line to cast your vote? How did you cast your vote in 2020 - did you mail or hand-deliver an absentee ballot, vote early, or vote on Election Day?
Nicole Jacobs


Cat & Dog Mom, #feminist, advocate, community builder, @catawbayd President, @AppState Alum